Asked Questions

How far ahead should I book?

Because your faux flowers will never wilt, you can order them as far in advance as you like without worrying if you need to reorganise any dates.

I recommend allowing nine months to create your floral arrangements and make sure they’re delivered in plenty of time.

When will I receive my flowers?

I always plan to deliver your flowers at least a fortnight before the big day.

However, if you’d like to take them to your final dress fitting, suit fitting, or far-flung shores for a destination wedding, I can certainly arrange this for you. Just let me know.

Do I need to pay upfront?

I require a 30% deposit to secure your booking.

We can then discuss further payments, arranging them to best suit your schedule and budget. The final balance will be due a month before our agreed delivery date.

I don’t know what I’d like, can you help?

I’d be delighted to! I’ll offer up plenty of suggestions throughout the design process, adjusting along with your feedback to create something you’ll love.

We’ll have lots of time to work out your personal style and tweak your arrangements until you’re absolutely thrilled. No surprises, just good times and even better flowers!

How do I look after my flowers?

Your flowers will naturally attract a little dust over time. Just give them a shake or blow on them lightly to remove it.

Keep them out of direct sunlight so they stay vibrant and beautiful. If you notice any marks on them, dab them gently with a baby wipe or a warm, damp cloth.

For storage, pop them in a box with plenty of room, making sure they don’t get crushed.

Do your flowers travel well?

Your flowers love a holiday just as much as you do. But they prefer first class with lots of leg room, too!

Give them plenty of space, and they’ll travel beautifully – looking just as wonderful as they did when you packed them. Eye mask and slippers not required!

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