Are fake flowers tacky for weddings?

In the past, the quality of faux flowers was just not realistic or high quality, they looked 'cheap' and therefore were considered tacky. But in recent years high-quality faux flowers have become so accessible, there are so many beautiful stems to choose from.

So let's discuss how to make sure you have beautiful and NON-TACKY artificial flowers at your wedding.

Choose naturally occurring stems

Opt for stems that naturally occur. Rainbow, glitter, or black roses don't tend to occur in nature so they'll be particularly tricky to include in arrangements that appear natural (not impossible, but can be difficult). Choosing naturally occurring stems help your artificial displays to appear more realistic, timeless and 'classy'.

Go seasonal

Sure, you can use artificial snowdrops in October and Sunflowers in January but they do tend to raise an eyebrow or two. If you'd like to use them, maybe just incorporate one or two rather than making them your key flowers.

Choose realistic stems

The most realistic stems pass for fresh flowers easily. I've seen people touch and smell my arrangements before they realise that they are faux florals. There are some very cheap-looking faux florals, typically they have neon green stems and fraying petals, giving these a wide berth and opting for the high quality ingredients will give a much more elegant overall look.

Embrace variety

The most elegant arrangements use a variety of stems. Variety doesn't mean that we can't create a bouquet out of just white roses but that if we do, we need to include a variety of roses. Open roses, flexed roses, large / medium / small, buds too... the variety will help the arrangement to look as high quality, expensive and classy as possible.

So... in conclusion... No, artificial flowers are not tacky for your wedding.