Neutral two-tiered white wedding cake with archway and bud vases at The Elvetham

Don't tuck your wedding cake in the corner - display her beautifully

Let's face it, wedding and celebration cakes fall in the more boujee category of cake options. A far cry from a Mr Kipling lemon slice - although I am very partial to those!

So much work and expertise goes into wedding cakes so why, oh why, do they get so often get tucked into a quiet corner and not given their time to shine.

It's easier than you think to elevate your cake display and styling, here are a few top tips!

Consider the backdrop

Modern wedding cake showcased in front of a statement wooden archway.

Wedding cakes work best in front of a neutral backdrop so that they stand out from the background. I would recommend using styling elements to frame the cake rather than directly behind the cake. Archways and neutral flower or greenery walls work well if you don't have a neutral wall to display your cake in front of.

Add in styling elements

Stunning three-tier wedding cake by Suzy Blake. With a statement sugar peony. Paired with pretty candles and Macarons.

Hannah Baskett beautifully styled this cake with a trio of tapered candles, dusky blue chiffon and trays of goodies. Tying the silver of the cake in with the silver trays. All displayed on top of a stunning vintage-style dresser to compliment the venue styling at The Elvetham.

Consider the cake stand

Whether you choose to display your cake on a rustic wine barrel, a chest of draws, plinth or a poser table be intentional about where your cake will be displayed. It's a lovely opportunity to tie in with your wedding venue style or bring in your personality.

Most venues will offer a cake stand but you may feel that an elegant glass stand, a mirror, a wooden log slice or cake frame will compliment your cake design and wedding style better.

Three tier wedding cake from Iced Innovations complimented with silver accents, displayed in the back of a vintage campervan.

Compliment your cake with florals

Neutral three-tier wedding cake with ivy and rose cake meadow and matching mini meadows.

Darcey and Chris proved that simple cakes can be stunning. They chose a simple three-tier wedding cake with no topper or added florals so that their cake meadow would be more impactful. Bringing their mini meadows (repurposed from along the aisle) to the front of the cake table too. Chef's kiss!