Dressed fireplace in the Oakroom for a wedding at The Elvetham. Trailing greenery with caramel and blush-toned roses. Hired Decorations from Unfauxgettable.

How to dress fireplaces for your wedding day

Got a fireplace at your venue and not sure how to dress it? You’ve come to the right place!

Something I LOVE to see at a wedding venue is a statement fireplace. They’re usually placed in the perfect position to be a focal point and add so much character to a room. There are so many ways you can dress a fireplace. And no, you don’t need to place flowers all over it.


Depending on the size, colour and position of your fireplace you may feel it needs a huge floral installation or something much simpler, here are a few ideas of how you could decorate your fireplace.

The Morning Room Fireplace at the Elvetham, styled with hired faux floral arrangements and a candle display.

The Fireplace in the Morning Room at The Elvetham, Hampshire is very detailed and ornate. For this we kept the styling simple to let the fireplace itself be the focal point.

Small arrangements on either side of the fireplace with a couple of tealight holders.

Lots of candles, both pillar candles and floating candles placed in the hearth, bringing a little romance and ambience into the room.

Bright fireplace meadow on the large neutral fireplace at Woldingham School.

To bring drama to the fireplace at Woldingham School, we created a full meadow installation across the mantlepiece of the neutral fireplace. We knew the fireplace would be a focal point, being used as a backdrop for both the ceremony and the reception, so we went for a larger installation.

Paired with two basket arrangements to frame the couple during significant moments on their wedding day.

Bride dancing in front of fireplace at Gunnersbury Park. Fireplace dressed with LSA international vases and hired silk florals.

For the large fireplace at Gunnersbury Park, we chose to repurpose the aisle arrangements. The fireplace was not to be the backdrop for any significant moments at the wedding we were able to use the aisle flowers to decorate the fireplace after the ceremony was over.

Fireplace hearth filled with mini meadows. Wedding at Cliveden House.

For this wedding at Cliveden House, the couple were having a private tea ceremony in one of the smaller rooms. We took the opportunity to relocate mini meadow arrangements after the ceremony into the hearth in the room, bringing brightness and ambience for their tea ceremony.

Asymmetric fireplace installation on large fireplace in The Elvetham Library

The Elvetham is blessed with many many fireplaces. All are very very large but you do not need to completely cover them with florals because they are so detailed.

For this event, we chose to dress just one side of the fireplace and place candles on the other to balance it. Another lovely way to dress this fireplace asymmetrically would be to pair with a floral pillar on the left-hand side to balance the higher floral installation.

Bursting with ideas now? This is just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing! If you'd like to discuss how best to dress your venue, I'd love to chat through with you. Book a call into my diary and we can discuss in more detail.