Display of pink, peach and white artificial flowers in a stone vase from Unfauxgettable

How to look after artificial flowers

Received a beautiful gift arrangement, treated yourself to a floral display or maybe you're looking to showcase your bouquet as a wedding keepsake.

If you're keen to make sure you look after them well so that they keep looking 'fresh' for longer, then here are a few handy tips to help you.

Keep them clear of dust

Your flowers will naturally attract a little dust over time. Just give them a shake or blow on them lightly to remove it. You could even use a hairdryer on low but 99% of the time a blow and a shake will do the trick.

Autumn / Winter wreath full of berries, pinecones, mixed leaves and blossoms

Ideal places to display faux flowers:

Ideal places are living rooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms and hallways as they tend to be a consistent temperature.

If you choose to display your florals in the kitchen you may notice over time that the florals are lightly coated with oils and that they have picked up the smell of cooking. If you'd like them displayed in your kitchen, just remove them from the room when you cook or display them as far from the hob as possible. Bathrooms can be quite humid so over time you may notice your flowers are looking a little tainted.

Just like cereal - 'store in a cool dry place'

Avoid displaying them in a damp, hot or humid environment, this can damage the petals and spoil any texture on the stems.

Keep them out of direct sunlight so they stay vibrant and beautiful.

Direct sunlight can cause your florals to fade over time, avoid this completely if possible but if you are determined to display florals on a windowsill in direct sunlight, rotate them regularly so that if there is any fading, the florals fade at the same rate.

How to clean faux flowers?

If you notice any marks on them, dab them gently with a baby wipe or a warm, damp cloth. This may remove texture on leaves and petals so be very cautious doing this.

Faux floral arrangement, burgundy and white dahlias with berries, eucalyptus and hellebores

How best to store artificial flowers?

For storage, pop them in a plastic box with plenty of room, making sure they don’t get crushed. Ideally keep bright florals away from white as the colour can occasionally transfer onto the white petals. You can store them in the loft / garage, just check them every so often to make sure they're ok, usually it's fine as long as they're not hot or damp.