Monochrome blacktie wedding. Faux bouquet and hired silk flower decorations from Unfauxgettable. Gunnersbury orangery wedding venue.

How to style your wedding to look expensive, without the pricetag

Invest in statement pieces.

My top tip is to decide your focal points and then dress those. As an example, a statement archway will likely cost the same as dressing every windowsill and alcove in the room, but it will have much higher impact and be a lovely backdrop for photos.

If you have high ceilings, consider lifted centrepieces (ones you can still see each other through!) these really help to fill the space without being impractical.

If there is a feature in the room such as a statement fireplace, beautiful stained glass window, gorgeous staircase, use it, dress it, embrace it, make it a key part of your celebrations.

The Elvetham Staircase with peony garlands. Taken by Hannah McClune Photography

Hire everything you reasonably can

Hiring your décor is a brilliant way to cut the cost without compromising the look and feel of your wedding. A top tip is to swap your napkin colour from plain white, especially if you have white plates and white tablecloths. The contrast completely transforms the room.

Hiring also tends to come with the added benefit that someone else can dress the room for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding morning! 

Don't be afraid of contrast or strong colours

Contrast and strong colours (green is included in ‘strong colours’) really help to elevate your styling.

Most wedding packages will come with neutral colours so upgrading your linens, centrepieces, or glasses can really help to inject your personality into your wedding styling.

Photographer - The Bostons

Add a little twinkle and a little sparkle

Choosing a metallic or natural material – gold / silver / copper / rose gold.Stone / dark wood / mirrors / glass. Can really elevate your styling without you really needing to spend any more money, just opt for these when you have a choice. For example, choose metallic tealight holders and centrepiece stands rather than plain white or clear.

Playing with light and shadow – adding candles, lanterns, fairy lights, disco balls will create lovely ambience without significant additional effort or cost.

Photographer - Hannah Richards Photography

Repurpose – if you take nothing else away from this blog, make a note of this!!

By choosing wisely many arrangements from your ceremony could be repurposed during your wedding breakfast. Decorations from your registry table could be moved to your top table, a fireplace, your gifts table.

Aisle décor could also be easily repurposed, along with candles, lanterns etc.

Usually, your events coordinator will offer to help relocate smaller items, your florist or stylist can advise how to move or repurpose larger installations so you can get the most out of the decorations.