Statement fireplace with hired meadow of faux flowers and matching baskets of flowers. Bright yellow and blue wildflowers with sunflowers.

What is a focal point and why it matters...

The dictionary says a focal point is: "The point at which all elements converge; the centre of activity or attention."

In the context of a wedding focal points will most typically be:

- Where you stand for your ceremony i.e. the top of the aisle.

- Where you do significant ceremonies such as a tea ceremony.

- Behind you when you do your confetti / bubbles / sparklers / group photo

- Behind the top table

- Backdrop for cutting the cake

When you’ve chosen your focal points it’s so much easier to decide on the décor for your wedding day because you know which areas to prioritise and what they will be used for.


This means you can maximise your budget by dressing these areas first. Potentially even using these focal point decorations in different areas throughout the day.

Archway pictured at the top of the aisle in The Elvetham's Morning Room
Same archway, later used behind the top table in The Elvetham's Morning Room

If you're unsure which areas you should focus on, visualise your day.

Go through each key moment of the wedding and consider how best to use the space.

When you are having your ceremony where would you be standing, where do you want your guests to be looking? What is behind you and how could you dress that space to be a lovely backdrop.

Top tip!! If your space is flexible you could use the same decorated space for multiple key moments.
A great example of this is using an archway at the top of the aisle and then positioning your top table in front of the archway for the wedding breakfast.

Hired bespoke aisle flowers in white pots. Perfect to repurpose at weddings.
Seasonal flowers in white pots, lining the aisle

To stretch your budget most effectively, I always recommend you select a couple of Key Focal Points and use most of your budget there.

Try to keep it to a maximum of 3 key focus points. Later you could repurpose these decorations for other areas but this will give you maximum impact for your investment.

Wedding breakfast table set up, in the library at The Elvetham Hampshire.
Wedding breakfast in the Library at The Elvetham, repurposing the aisle flowers

Venue coordinators are absolutely brilliant at helping to advise on focal points because they are very familiar with the space and will be able to share examples of how it has been used successfully at past events. Also check your venue's 'gallery' or social media for previous examples.

I am familiar with many venues across Berkshire and Hampshire (and i love an excuse for a site visit) so if you'd like to chat through with me how best to dress your space, please just drop a call in my diary!