Hired raised floral centrepiece from Unfauxgettable. Linens, cutlery, crockery and centrepieces all hired. Orangery, long table dressed for an intimate wedding breakfast.

Why hire decorations for your wedding?

The process of wedding planning is innately visual, studies show that over 65% of brides turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for their wedding, and this number is growing all the time... why, because it's full of visual ideas, details and inspiration for their wedding day!

So why hire? (I could probably write a book on this but for now, I'll keep to just three main reasons)

  1. Access to higher-quality items

Wedding suppliers who offer items for hire will typically invest in or create unique, high-quality items to add special touches to your wedding day. Items that may cost hundreds of pounds to buy or DIY will instantly become available to you through hiring.

I've seen restored vintage furniture, ornate chandeliers, statement archways, and incredible tableware available at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy.

  1. Sustainability

The wedding industry creates a lot of waste, a study from 2017 (so I sincerely hope it's not quite as bad as this in 2023) quotes that British weddings in 2017 caused on average nearly 20kg of single-use plastic waste EACH.

Choosing to hire wedding items means that the items can be used again at further weddings and events. If you're careful about the suppliers you choose, your wedding could be essentially waste-free!

As a bonus point for sustainability, tapping into the supplier's expertise allows you to only hire what you require for your wedding day, no more, no less.

Music to the ears of eco-conscious couples, looking to have a zero-waste wedding.

  1. It's easier on the day

Leaning on the experts to provide the items (even if couples choose to do dry hire) means that couples don't need to... find or make the items, store the items, arrange to transport the items to the venue, collect the items after the wedding and potentially try to sell afterwards.

If you don't choose dry hire, part of the service will be that you have someone setting up the items for you too! Win win.

I strongly recommend taking the approach of hire what you can, you'll find your budget is thankful for it and you'll enjoy your wedding planning much more too.